Gemma. (honerbright) wrote in throw_elijah,

Screencaps: Pride and Prejudice

Tags: pride and prejudice, screen caps
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Thank you so much for these.
Thank you very much! :)
lovely. Thank you.
Thank you. ♥
Downloading now. Thank you. <3
Downloading. Thanks sooo much! =)
ack! EXACTLY what i've been looking for!

thank you so so so so much. (and when i use them, i'll cred it you.)

Thank you so much!!! I know I'm a little late, but these are perfect! Will credit! :)
Download and will credit, thank you! :)
snagging, thank you!
hi, indiechick22 kindly re-uploaded these onto her livejournal so i (and queen_bunnie) could get them. thanks for making amazing caps!!
such darlings. will credit!
thanks so much snagged zips, will credit
downloading. thanks!