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Why are things not downloading?

Just to let you guys know:
My host (dreamhost) decided it ould be funny to delete all my files (3 websites worth) and so currently all the download here at throw_elijah are inactive. But I'm trying my best to recollect all my files and reupload them all for everyone.
Thanks for your patience :)

Laugh - Amy Adams

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Just letting you guys know I'm not dead and that I've just updated my dvd list.
Sorry for the complete lack of updates lately, I'm at uni now and attempting to set up another fansite ( and I don't seem to get the time to screencap etc as much as I used to.
Although, I have the movie Starkweather all capped out and ready to uplpad, and I have Tristan and Isolde all ready for cappage.
I plan to make some icons over the next week or so, so I'll definately post them when they're done.